Parcopresis can be described as the inability to defecate when other people are perceived or likely to be around (e.g., in the same public toilet, the same house, or the same building).

This inability limits the sufferer to being able to defecate only in a limited number of ‘safe’ places thus restricting their lifestyle. The level of restriction varies depending on the severity of each sufferer’s condition, but in extreme cases it can force people to give up their jobs, avoid holidays they would love to take, and generally dictate and limit most aspects of their lives. A medical description is ‘Psychogenic Faecal Retention’. It affects both men and women, of all ages and backgrounds; it is a form of toilet phobia.

Paruresis (Shy Bladder Syndrome).
Your Step-By-Step Guide to Overcoming Paruresis. Steven Soifer, George D. Zgourides & Nancy L. Pickering.



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